Compete2Beat helps motivate you and your teammates succeed in reaching your fitness and weight loss goals, no matter where you are, or what time zone you're in! Collaborating with a partner ramps up the fun and accountability factor, it's proven to help boost your staying power, keeping you focused and motivated to achieve your objectives.

About Compete2Beat

Compete2Beat (C2B) gives you a place to set personal fitness goals, track your progress and be accountable to your teammates.

What sets C2B apart from other apps?

  • C2B is a central meeting place for your friends, near or far and no matter what their preferred platform or fitness device is, everyone can join your team. By bridging the technology gap between apps, friends using Apple Watch, Fitbit, Google Fit or Apple Health can all come together in one place - C2B!
  • Working as a team, you can keep each other motivated and accountable. Team members can easily keep track of real-time personal stats as well as team stats. Want to know calories burned? Calories consumed? no problem! No worries though, your weight is for your eyes only, and will be kept in the strictest of confidence.
  • Because your team has insight into your daily activity and food diary, you're much less likely to cheat, and healthier habits are reinforced before you know it!
  • Want an extra boost of motivation with a side of competition? Challenge other C2B teams to see who can achieve a milestone you decide on, first! Nothing motivates like a bragging right!

Fitness Application

Download the C2B app from Apple Store or Google Play.

Fitbit, Apple Health, Google Fit Integration

No matter what device you are using to track activity, you can sync it with C2B.

Lose Weight Application

Input your daily calories and your food menus.

Create a Team and Challenges

To support and inspire you to reach your fitness goals.


Get Started

Ready to Challenge Yourself?

  • Download the app
  • Input personal data and goals
  • Sync your Fitbit to C2B. You can also use Google Fit or Apple Health to sync them to your favorite fitness device.
  • Team up with friends on C2B! It's always easier to get motivated when you have a workout buddy - or a whole team of them! Click on "create team" or "join team." You can invite friends via text or email.
  • You can make your daily diaries visible to your teammates so everyone can share what they are eating, how many steps they are taking and what kind of workouts they are doing - all while maintaining your independent schedules. You're always able to give and receive support as you all go after your self-defined fitness, weight loss and healthy eating goals.
  • Create custom weight loss challenges and add the level of competitiveness specific to you and your team.

Amazing Features

Design Personal Fitness Goals

Set workout goals and sync your Fitbit or other fitness device to track your daily activity.

Build Inspirational Teams

Add teammates from around the world so you can go on to reach your milestones together.

Motivate and Communicate with Team Members

Send private messages to your teammates to encourage and motivate them to achieve group and individual goals in real-time. Trade tips, congratulations, and high fives on the website message boards too!

Challenge Other Teams

Think your team has what it takes to compete? Challenge another team to a virtual weight loss duel that is based on percentage of weight lost.

Design and Track Food and Weight Loss Goals

Watch your progress and be proud of yourself. Remember that your weight will be "for your eyes only."

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